a boy full of possibilities

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Andrew Feng was born on a snowy day.

He used to like cars and art. Now he likes to play Poptropica and Club Penguin and loves to draw comics. He also enjoys reading on the cozy couch in the living room. Last, but not least, he gets a kick out of mathematical word problems.

He wanted to be a fire fighter when he was five, and then he wanted to be an artist when he was six.

His dad wants him to be a farmer, as there are more and more people but fewer and fewer places for farming on Earth. His mom wants him to be a doctor to follow his grandpa's footsteps.

What does Andrew want to be?

To be honest, he does not know.

It looks like there is still time for Andrew to make his decision. So, as for the answer, time will tell…

( 2013 )

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